Day of the dead, a Mexican tradition where the departed are celebrated with colourful skeleton costumes and skull painted faces, is on the 2nd of November. You don’t have to be Mexican or honouring your late beloveds to enjoy the exotic paraphernalia associated with this famous festival. The decorative skull designs and bright floral headwear inspire distinctive jewellery and accessory designs which evoke the lively, colourful richness of the festival. Our Day of the dead range includes a selection of vibrant hand-painted wood jewellery. Rings, pin brooches, drop and stud earrings, bracelets and pendants, some with silk roses, tassels and colourful beads reflect the positivity with which Day of the dead is enjoyed. In a bright array of colours and patterns they capture the spirit and excitement of the occasion and a keyring is ‘the icing on the cake’ accessory!

Keeping with the theme, we have several sock styles with a Mexican design influence. Day of the dead masks or ‘sugar skulls’, as they are sometimes known, look striking against a black background sock. Colourful aztec cat figures decorate others, and there are several bright designs which would work as part of a collection in this genre. See also Frida Kahlo, desert sunsets, tropical flowers and forests, hot chillies and cool avocados.

Florals are a key element in much of the Day of the dead costume aesthetic. Flowers adorn heads with headbands, single blooms and garlands. Your customers can ‘get the look’ with our silk versions; large pink, red or orange Hibiscus blooms and ruddy red floral headbands are both glamorous and striking. Tropical print scarves and stunning beaded jewellery add to the carnival vibe and Aztec print compact mirrors are on hand to check on the details.

For those who prefer their Day of the dead accessories to be a little more subtle, there are dainty enamelled pendants and drop earrings with delightful detail. Whatever direction you choose to take if featuring this great festival, or if you simply just love the look, there is something large or small to make a terrific impact in your outlet.

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