Exotic birds have always been a favourite with Joe Cool’s customers, and as the winter approaches, what better way to brighten the short, dark days than with jewellery and accessories inspired by our colourful feathered friends? If migrating to warmer climes is an impossible dream, why not indulge your taste for the tropics with vibrant parrots, terrific toucans and flamboyant flamingos in the shape of scarves, compacts, earrings, necklaces and bracelets! Cruise is an obvious place to start, but our flocks fly far and wide, so Flora and Fauna, Recuerdos  and of course All Creatures are all worth a look for birdwatchers looking for something to add a touch of cheer to the chilly winter days.

If you prefer to express your ornithophilia in harmony with the subdued colours of the season and favour elegance over extroversion, fear not! Joe Cool has a range of timeless, beautifully crafted metal bird jewellery that makes up in style and charm what it lacks in flamboyance.

Stoical birdwatchers of course embrace all of the seasons equally, and it would be remiss to neglect the nature of our native land. As bright and beautiful – if not as quite exotic – as the birds mentioned above, is Joe Cool’s range of ducks; a cute and colourful collection which encourages you to button up your overcoat and embrace the wet and windy British weather!

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