geometric design

Geometric design has a distinctly metropolitan feel. The Manhattan range consists of necklace, bracelet and two earrings in square section glass and wood beads. Taking its design cue from the urban aesthetic of the most cosmopolitan of cities, New York, this selection is both arty and sophisticated. It is available in a stylish ‘monotone’ version of clear glass, silver, white and black – evocative of gleaming skyscrapers and night time street scenes. The alternative version is glossy black with brightly coloured accents which has a contemporary art and modern gallery vibe. All lines are new in stock now for immediate delivery.

Tila glass rings and bracelets tap straight into the same geometric look with similar colour themes, squares, and stripes. They are the perfect display companions to the Manhattan range. They come on stretch lycra and are supplied in packs of three assorted colour-ways with variable sizes catering to all! They also work really well as stacking rings and bracelets. All these items can be found in the Arthouse collection.

‘Arthouse’ is home to several cutting edge jewellery and accessory products. Bold acrylic square, triangles and circles are bonded to create offset planes of colour suspended from a resin ball to create a mini artwork earring drop. With echoes of the great artist Mondrian, a disc and square in yellows, navy, black and red combinations make a statement stud earring. Chunky acrylic in on trend lilac, smoke, coffee and translucent are sculpted forms in a choice of three ring styles. A simple tubular curve bracelet in the same colours makes a complimentary accompaniment. Small acrylic studs named ‘interconnect’, offer a more modest sized choice for the quieter customer and in a similar vein, ‘multi square’, inner square’ and ‘art garden’ in finely worked fimo are mini modern masterpieces!

For more stunning geometric styles visit the Moving Lines collection. All designs are in gold and silver metal finish…either matte or shine. Incredible effects emerge with the various clever two and three dimensional arrangements of metal line and shape. With movement, interesting features, cunning fittings and optical effects here are styles which will surprise, delight and impress in equal measure. Look sharp!

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