Handmade watermelon purses will refresh your sales! In mouthwatering bright red and refreshing dark green these lovely products really taste of summer. Team them with acrylic watermelon earrings – studs, small drops and large drop earrings. For added zest look at other fruity products in the Cafe Cool collection. The brilliant bright yellow silicone banana purse and peeled banana drop earring will always raise a smile. For something with a bit more bite look no further than quirky apple core drop earrings, or take another bite of the cherry with shiny enamel cherry studs.

More fabulous fruit is to be found in Quirky Works. Wonderfully detailed metal and enamel half peeled banana stud earrings are positively exquisite and cutie frutti compact mirrors feature curiously ap’pealing’ characters! The Spectrum collection features story cards which pull a few of these elements together – look out for fruit bowl or bowl of cherries to make your selection complete.

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