Heritage and culture mean many things to many people. For up-coming Museum shop Sunday we have mined the rich and diverse range of global influences in our collection to highlight just a few examples of the amazing and varied creativity of cultures from around the globe. Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Wonderful natural materials are used in both traditional and innovative ways. Cowrie shells combine with leather, hemp or blue sea-glass to make interesting styles with an ethnic edge. Hand carved bone mimics ancient cave paintings and faux antique necklaces and bracelets. Feathers, ceramic, stone and cotton and hand made into traditonal totems and charms.

There is vivid colour in the bright bead-work from Mexico and subtle detail, lustre and shine from India. Exotic birds and tropical flowers come in the form of patches, brooches hair-wear made of silken thread and fine muslins.

The heritage and culture of Japan and South East Asia is found in beautiful kimono print fans, masks and bookmarks as well as delicate jewellery items. Looking westwards we find turquoise and silver metalwork accessories which draw on traditional designs, leather and references to the ‘Day of the dead’.

Our own British and Scottish heritage is not ignored with traditional tartan in abundance, Union Jacks, regal regalia and, that most quintessentially British item, the cup of tea!

To help museum shops maximise the benefit of upcoming Museum Shop Sunday, from now until 15/11/2021 we are offering three of our popular services free of charge. Please contact us to discuss your museum or gallery shop requirements.

CUSTOM CARDING . Popular among our customers due to the value they add to products,
our custom cards allow visitors to take a memory of the museum home with them. Simply
mail in your order together with any logo art work and sketch of how you envisage the card
and we will do the rest free of charge.

DROP SHIPPING . No need to buy and stock the product. We will supply a high resolution
images of any product you wish to include in your collection for sale in your internet shop.
You take the order and payment and send us the details. We ship the customer direct and
charge you at wholesale plus postage, thereby removing the need for you to carry stock. This
also enables you to test products and ideas without any risk or expense. (UK only)

FREE SHIPPING. We ship anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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