Museums represent the memory and, increasingly in our postmodern world, the conscience of a nation. They allow us to hold a dialogue with our past, exploring where we came from and help us to decide who we want to be. With all of world history and culture at our fingertips online, the role of museums as a tangible link with real human history and material culture has never been more crucial.
In an age where arts and heritage funding is too often considered to be a luxury rather than a necessity museum shops provide a lifeline that can help an institution to function independently without sacrificing the integrity of its vision.
Joe Cool is proud to play a small role in this vital task, and working with museums and galleries is one of the most fulfilling parts of the work that we do. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor and curate ranges to complement the needs of our clients, whether it be to accompany a collection devoted to natural history, science, space or art. Working closely with our customers, we can create bespoke products and ranges but where this is not possible or desirable, we are equally experienced at delivering ‘off the peg’ collections to suit any institution, large or small.

To help museum shops maximise the benefit of upcoming Museum Shop Sunday, from now until 15/11/2021 we are offering three of our popular services free of charge. Please contact us to discuss your museum or gallery shop requirements.

CUSTOM CARDING . Popular among our customers due to the value they add to products,
our custom cards allow visitors to take a memory of the museum home with them. Simply
mail in your order together with any logo art work and sketch of how you envisage the card
and we will do the rest free of charge.

DROP SHIPPING . No need to buy and stock the product. We will supply a high resolution
images of any product you wish to include in your collection for sale in your internet shop.
You take the order and payment and send us the details. We ship the customer direct and
charge you at wholesale plus postage, thereby removing the need for you to carry stock. This
also enables you to test products and ideas without any risk or expense. (UK only)

FREE SHIPPING. We ship anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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