natural wood jewellery

Natural wood jewellery is on the way back. What better use for this precious resource than a special handmade piece of jewellery. We have a wonderful selection in stock. Beautifully handcrafted wood jewellery items include statement necklaces, rings and bangles. We also have several unusual cuffs and interesting earrings. Choose from items which are carved, embossed, combined with glass and ceramic or just polished to a high shine.

Natural wood jewellery looks and feels wonderful. It is surprisingly versatile. Work a contemporary look and team dark wooden pieces with single bold colours or neutrals. Alternately, go for something more ethnic. Combine beaded items and richly detailed pattern and texture to create an exotic feel. Mix with shiny metals or matt acrylic for a modern ‘gallery’ feel. Or display with natural fabrics, basket- ware and sisal to emphasise the natural connection.

All our wooden accessories are very reasonably priced so you can afford to be a bit adventurous. Try out some styles new to you. Break with your normal traditions. Experiment with interesting and diverse display techniques. Put some of the cheaper rings in glass bowls or baskets, customers love to rummage! Use long wooden chains and strings of beads as multi-strand bracelets by wrapping them round and round display ‘hands’ or mannequin arms. Wear five or six necklaces of differing length and style to create  and model a cool catwalk look. Make a distinctive and simple display using logs, dried flowers to twigs and moss. Or put a single statement piece on a piece of slate or ceramic tile to produce a designer feel. Don’t be ‘wooden’ about it…have fun!

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