Always thought origami looked like a fun hobby but never had the patience or the paper? Then Joe Cool’s range of origami fashion jewellery is for you! Now you can enjoy all of the elegance of this classic Japanese craft with none of the work! These beautifully made, delightfully detailed renderings of birds, animals and fish capture the timeless charm of nature with the sophistication of true artistry. Cute but classy necklaces, rings and earrings fashioned in tactile matte tin alloy, they are the perfect finishing touch for any summer outfit! This merry menagerie can be found, along with many other of their fellow members of the animal kingdom, in the All Creatures range.

But it wouldn’t be Joe Cool without a novel twist! Although our collection alludes to the classic origami of Japan with cranes, fish and swans, we don’t stop there. As well as these traditional forms, you will find an array of wildlife -foxes, cats, rabbits and even elephants and camels among our origami ensemble!

If however, you prefer a less exotic flavour to your arts and crafts, keep browsing for our popular range of fretwork animal jewellery. Sturdier than the origami items, but no less elegant, this range of earrings and pendants features beautifully baroque geckos, finely-detailed frogs and tastefully-rendered turtles among its friendly flock. Animal lovers with an eye for style, look no further!

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