patch perfection

Patch perfection! Now in stock are a great variety of fabric patch brooches, iron-ons and stickers. The Pacific collection is host to the fabulous flamingo iron-on patch featured above, alongside beautiful embroidered, beaded fabric brooches. Look out for the stunning sequinned ‘eye’ brooch and two exotic birds. The sparkling Palm island cannot be missed and who could resist our velvety Capuchin Monkey?

In Mexicana, amongst the fabulous florals, fabrics and festive fare, you will find two delightful patch sets. A trio of butterflies sits nicely with red roses and perfectly compliments the other brightly embroidered and silk thread items. There is an unmissable rich stitch bangle, rainbow silk tassel earring and an assortment of vibrant fringed bracelets and earrings complete the theme.

Western wildlife is also to be found in our ranges. In the All Creatures collection we have a charming rabbit, squirrels (both red and grey), and a bee. All have a unique velvety effect combined with subtle satin stitching. A heavily beaded cockerel completes the ‘domestic’ grouping. Other brooches in the ‘genre’ are unusual acrylics -hedgehog, cat and fox work surprisingly well  as part of this story.

For a quicker sticker there are brand new vinyl padded sticker sets. Packs of assorted fruit or cacti are cheap and cheerful additions to your product range. These ‘super stickers’ can be adhered to pretty much anything. Use on bags, clothes, books and wallets. These are a great counter top item at a perfect pocket money price.



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