To our valued customers.

It will probably not come as a surprise, given the current climate, that Joe Cool will shortly have to raise most of our prices.

Over the past three months all of our suppliers, without exception, have raised their ‘factory gate’ prices substantially (typically 25%). This is on top of a slow but steady upward creep over the past few years (which we consciously chose to ignore). In addition, in-bound carriers have recently all increased their charges substantially – In some cases by as much as 300% ! In the past, we have tended to assume that small increases (caused by fluctuating currencies for example) are temporary and we could absorb the extra costs for short periods. Re-pricing is tedious, time consuming and inconvenient for our customers continuity and planning.
Unfortunately, the current conditions amount to rather more than a ‘blip’, with the distinct possibility of further deterioration.

Our business has, to a large extent, been built on sourcing unusual items and using interesting materials and techniques with which to create attractive products that we are able sell inexpensively. We will continue to do that with an ever keener eye on price, however, regrettably, we are now compelled to ‘take a reality check’, ‘bite the bullet’ or whatever metaphor you prefer, and adjust our current lines prices upwards.

This is a forewarning that prices will change and new prices take effect from 1/1/2022. We hope that you will find our items and service still represent good value for money.  As ever we are grateful to you our customers and thank you for your continuing business, we would not be here without you.

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