rock'n'roll music

Rock’n’roll music themed jewellery and accessories are hot off the press! Tune in to a real retro feel with our rock’n’roll jewellery styles. Our hand-painted metal ‘Rock No.1’ record earrings and necklace are some of the latest new releases.

More rock’n’roll music is to be found in the Quirky works collection. There you can find the popular melody scarf, a lovely accessory with music score print in a choice of six colours or as an assorted pack. On another note we have the treble clef ring and stud earrings and a striking black and white keyboard bangle. Our assortment of musical instrument stud earrings in matt silver and gold is another sound idea.

The ‘rock star’ stud earring also looks set to hit the charts,  one of the latest lines in the shiny new Star struck collection. Other sparklers in the collection include a new glass vial pendant containing twinkling crystals. This is an extension of the bestselling glitter bomb range of rings, earrings and pendants. Find more star-studded promise with a choice of crown rings, constellation jewellery and enamel and the crystal and enamel pegasus in black and silver or white and gold.

The name of our Black Star collection is our unashamed homage to a the late great star who died last year. The dark final Bowie album isn’t exactly rock’n’roll music but is in many people’s view, a masterpiece of an album to complete a stunning musical legacy. Keep on rocking!



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