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For several years now, safety pin jewellery in the form of little stud earrings, has been a best-selling Joe Cool item.  In July this year we also introduced new double and single drop earrings. It was serendipity that around the same time, twitter user @cheeahs, now identified as Allison, came up with the idea of using a safety pin as a symbol of  solidarity with victims of racism and intolerance. After the Brexit referendum vote, in which a narrow majority of UK voters decided to leave the European Union, there was a widely-reported rise in attacks on minorities and @cheeahs wanted to come up with a way for friendly people to show their support for victims of racism. In recent months, and particularly since Donald Trump’s election, there has been an increase in the same kind of incidents in the United States, where the safety pin has also been adopted. Recently our sales of our safety pin earring styles have increased dramatically, especially in the US, and we believe that this has arisen as a result of @cheeahs’s campaign. As a business, Joe Cool believes in ‘non-partisan humanitarianism’ and as a response to the popularity of these items at this time we have decided to donate 10% of the profits made on these items to The  International Rescue Committee in the United States (@theIRC ).

If a regular safety pin on the lapel isn’t enough, here is another way for your customers to show solidarity while also making a contribution to a major refugee charity. As well as being a great concept (well done Allison) they also look cool – a great way to wear your symbol of support!

We have produced these safety pin stud earrings and single and double drops. The drop earrings are available in matt gold and silver and come in packs of 12 assorted. The stud earrings come as a pack of 24 assorted pairs. We will donate 10% of all profit made on these items to International Rescue Committee in the United States (@theIRC

If you would also like to express support in a more direct way you can make a donation directly. There are a number of charities who are working to address the results of injustice and prejudice.
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