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Spring socks, summer socks, winter or all year round socks – there is still time to take advantage of our special Spring socks offer! Until the 30th April we are offering an amazing 20% discount on all sock orders of 36 packs (216 pairs) or more. Due to popular demand, our sock collection has now expanded to the extent that we have now given it its own little publication. Your sock supplement along with our new catalogue should be landing on your doorsteps and desktops any time now. We hope you will enjoy browsing the extensive range and  choosing a spring sock selection to take advantage of this great deal!

You will find styles to suit all tastes and humours and our socks are conveniently ‘free size’ – one size fits most (UK size 3-7 or where marked  Gents, size 6-10). We are sure you will appreciate the quality also, our socks are typically 85% cotton 15% spandex. There is a wonderful selection of famous masters to choose from in the expanded best-selling ‘Art’ collection. With half a dozen Van Gogh images, including the iconic ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry night’, Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ and works by Matisse, Klimt and Leonardo; art lovers or simply lovers of stylish socks will discover a new form of self expression.

We have an array of amazing animals in the range. From wildlife favourites such as foxes, owls and squirrels through ever popular pandas and penguins to universally adored cats and dogs, there is a creature for everyone.

Pretty floral socks featuring dainty roses, sweet lavender bouquets or delicate trailing flowers are perfect spring socks but equally lovely in the later months of the year.

If you’re hungry for more, check out the numerous ‘edibles’ with everything from fried sausage and egg, oysters or avocados to pizza and doughnut socks!

Still not found something to whet your appetite? Those with a taste for terror may get a kick out of our (not so scary) ‘Scary monsters’. Your customers won’t fail to notice Dracula and Frankenstein footwear, team them with fairy tale creatures and a heel monster for maximum impact.

Whether cool, crazy or more conventional, we hope that you will find inspiration in our sock selection; we have plenty of wonderful styles to put a spring in your step.

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