sterling silver hoop earrings

Sterling silver hinged hoop earrings are a useful staple, its sensible to keep them in stock the year round. We have them in all the important sizes. From tiny little hoops which will also double as nose-rings to dramatic giant hoop earrings. One of our most popular items is the little display of assorted silver hinged hoop earrings. This is a selection of the essential small sized hoops, a regular and steady selling earring. Order a few of the larger sizes to create a striking display and attract your customers attention. This will alert them to the ever useful little silver hinged hoops. A must for the jewellery box of anyone who has pierced ears or a nose piercing.

Sterling silver hinged hoop earrings are not the easiest earring to display well. Our little point-of-sale counter top display is useful in that respect. For the individual codes there is the benefit that they can be easily handled. That means you can polish them up regularily to prevent them getting tarnished.

Try pinning one of each size on a dark velvet pad. This looks striking and eye-catching. Sell the silver hoop earrings from stock kept in sealed bags. That way cleaning and  polishing will be kept to a minimum. Your customers will be happy to have a brand new untarnished pair of hoops. Alternately, if you have an enclosed glass cabinet, you can make more of a show by grouping and repeating the same sizes. Other clever ‘devices’ can be successfully employed. Try linking several silver hoop earring to make a chain. Hang it up in a prime position and take them out of the chain as required. A ‘washing line’ effect is another novel option. Use a fine silver chain to form a line onto which you can thread hoop earrings of various sizes. Hang it in a prominent place in a wall cabinet. Hoop it up!

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