Tila rings and bracelets are just one of the many stunning Joe Cool new lines whose introduction this year was rudely interrupted by a rather major event…you may have some idea of what I’m referring to. As life slowly returns to something a bit more ‘normal’, and business starts to wake up again, people across the land will be keen to find some joy and exuberance after possibly dreary, and certainly, unsettling months. We hope our latest collections will not disappoint. Colour and style are in abundance in the new collections. Quirky and unusual jewellery with the emphasis on durability, sustainability, and timeless design take centre stage. Tila glass rings and bracelets are a glorious blend of vibrant, eye-popping colour accented with black. Also available in stylish monotones; matt and gloss black, white, translucent and grey – these rings and bracelets are elegant as they are arty. This small range sits beautifully alongside new necklace and bracelet designs in sophisticated glass and wood. Inspired by the geometric, glazed architecture and art aesthetic of New York and with a contemporary feel similar to that found in the previously mentioned selection, ‘Manhattan’ makes its debut in the Arthouse collection. A striking necklace, which can be worn long or doubled, matching bracelet and two earring options are available in both neutral selections or colour, both of which perfectly compliment the two colourway options in the Tila range.

New brooches also feature in the Arthouse collection with graphic nature themed ‘twig’, ‘stemmed flower’ and ‘leaf’ lent an air of modernity by the layered acrylic. Strong, orange with black and white make for edgy designs which will set off any minimalist attire. ‘Pixel robin’ is just that, transforming into cool art object, what might otherwise be considered ‘twee’ choice of subject matter!

Moving away a little bit from the classy restraint of Tila, Manhattan and crisp graphic design, find a joyous explosion and fusion of colour in our new cellulose hair-combs. Worn as decorative head piece to contain or adorn those ever lusher ‘lockdown’ tresses or simply kept as a useful little comb for a quick tidy up (before the next Zoom meeting?), we have five fabulous designs. These can be ordered by individual colourway with a small minimum of 3 per pack so you can offer the more neutral ‘bold monomix’ in greys, black and white or ‘jungle beat’ in a vibrant greens and orange based pattern or ‘Psychedelic dream’, ‘pearl pink haze’ and ‘colour explosion’ maybe more the mood you’ll be trying to engender as escapist alternatives to a complete meltdown. Throw some colour slice bangle and paint swirl ring, with their wonderful painterly splodges, into the mix for that finishing splash of crazy relief!

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