Touch-screen gloves in a lovely assortment of vintage styles are a new introduction this season. Choose from our five styles. The current number one is a two-colour knit. Featured here in sky blue and lime, it has a pearl-embellished, pink flower detail which matches the touch-screen gloves fingertips. It comes in an assortment of eight colourways. Another favourite is the big bow cuff. Big contrasting velvet bows adorn the wrist of this subtle diamond knit glove. This comes in an assortment of six lovely vintage colours. If flowers and bows don’t fit with your scheme, get your hands on the more arty Shetland band touch-screen gloves. These also come with a contrasting cuff and are complete with cute wooden button and shoe-string detail.

The other two new introductions to the range are perhaps a little more subtle. They still have that cool arty vintage feel though so make good additions to a collection. Self colour, apart from the all important touch-screen finger and thumb tips, we have an assortment of six with a classic pearl placed on the cuff. This style has echoes of ’50’s glamour and the stars of the ‘silver screen’. Our final offering is a sweet assortment with a matching cotton lace cuff and petite velvet bow detail. With our touch-screen gloves range, everyone can keep their hands warm this winter.

For other winter warmers, take a look at our chunky rainbow knitted scarf. An assortment of three colours and flecked with rainbow colours, just looking at this fabulous knit will warm you up. For a warm scarf that’s even more colourful, we have a wonderful routed rainbow check pattern. Find it in the Gallery collection with other ‘hot’ looking designs. Or choose from a selection of cosy soft tartan scarves in the aptly titles Caledonia Cool collection. Whatever your customers preference, we have the scarf to keep them warm.

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