Wholesale wallets and coin-purses. Where the money is!

Wallets and coin purses for a great way to spend your money! We have many to choose from. In the New England collection find fresh cotton polka dot coin purses and fresh stripes. Large polka coin purses and little polka key-ring size coin holders complete the look. Also in the collection are retro flower wallets and the  ‘patch’ coin purse in 4 different colourways. the ‘metro patch’ cosmetic bag taps in to the same retro metro look!

The Gallery collection is home to the best selling sugar almond coin purse. This  delightful little coin purse comes in a pack of 6 assorted pastel shades in a faux shagreen finish. For a more colourful way of keeping the cash choose wallets and coin purses like the ‘crazy paisley’ textured large wallet or the smaller glossy version. The ‘electric flower’ wallet in the same collection is a dazzler that won’t get lost in a hurry. Or choose something quirky like the dollar print coin purse.

A few more floral and oriental style delights are to be found in Flower festival. The ‘floating wings’ wallet and ‘butterflies’ coin purse featured being a good example. For a Japanese butterfly and flower inspired group, team them with the bright butterfly compact mirror, satin kimono purse and exotic flower wallet. This will create a really eye-catching oriental themed display.

A classic vintage floral collection of wallets and coin purses is another way to go. Also in the Flower festival collection check out the vintage floral wallets, purses and compact mirrors. There is a big range of classic floral designs to choose from.

In Spectrum find arty striped wallets and coin purses, cosmetic bags and umbrellas. We have the wallets and coin purses for you and your customers. All these handbag fashion essentials are a good place to put your money!



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