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Art t-shirts and socks are a Joe Cool celebration of some of the worlds greatest artists. T-shirts featuring the work of artists including Frida kahlo, Gustav Klimt and Van Gogh are the latest addition to our art inspired range. Van Gogh is argueably one of the greatest painters ever and certainly one of the most popular. His wonderful work is reproduced to create the most gorgeous art t-shirts and socks. Perhaps therefore, it is understandable that his work is featured the most in our collection. We have art t-shirts and socks featuring Van Goghs famous images such as ‘Starry Night’, ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Almond Blossom’. Slightly less well known but equally beautiful are the prints taken from images like ‘Irises’ and Japanese inspired tree blossom. All Van Gogh art t-shirts are available in both short and long sleeved versions.

Our Van Gogh socks have those most iconic images woven into the design – the unmistakable ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry Night’. Order as individual codes or as part of our masterpiece sock assortment. Our all over ‘Sunflowers’ is a derivation from the original great master.

For those more interested in the rich, stylised work of Gustav Klimt, we have art t-shirts and socks with the wonderfully detailed painting of ‘the Kiss’. Though the socks lack the refined detail of the printed t-shirt image, the masterpiece is still instantly recognisable. it too can be ordered as an individual code or part of an assortment.

Brand new and not quite on the website yet are Frida Kahlo, as can be seen in the featured image and Munch’s ‘Scream’. Keep a look out for their appearance shortly or contact us for more details.

Check out the Sock sensation collection for our full range of fabulous footwear – the huge variety of interesting, amusing and elegant styles prove they don’t need to be a famous artwork to be amasterpiece!



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