Bottled magic jewellery –  witness the strange sight of tiny test-tube people, sparkling stardust and twinkling crystal in glass bottle jewellery. Like something from a surreal modern-day Alice in Wonderland, our miniature women and men gaze wistfully from inside their cork stoppered glass tubes. One of the latest in the Quirky Works collection, the ‘people in a bottle’ come as five different characters in an assorted pack of 12 pairs. For more little people see the delightful ‘dolly dancing’ drop earrings and pendants. With hinged legs these sweet dolls dance as they dangle! In a similar way, the ‘fashionista go girls’ jewellery comes with full moving parts. Earrings, pendant and keyrings make up the selection and with their chain mail dresses and pearl heads these girls will really turn heads. The dolly rainbow purse is another jolly dolly. This rainbow striped knit coin purse is adorned with a delightful smiling doll and the happy family pendant and acrobat necklace are two more interesting celebrations of the joyous side of humanity.

Bottled magic jewellery could be defined by the glass container products in the Star Struck collection. The glitter dome ring is one of our best sellers ever and is accompanied by a lovely glitter sphere earring and stardust vial pendant. in the same collection find wonderful crystal filled glass bottle pendants in an assortment of six designs. Also, we have a rainbow version of the glitter bomb range – tiny rainbow coloured beadlets roll around inside a large glass ring, sphere earrings and pendant necklace.

The final piece of bottled magic jewellery is a step in a different direction. Golden sand beadlets and miniature shells are the contents of this spherical pendant necklace. Evoking lazy summer days and sunny seaside holidays, the ‘beach scene’ pendant will have you reaching for your flip-flops and ice-cream.

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