Cacti are cool and we have a great selection of cactus themed accessories this season. A chunky colourful cactus key-ring comes in three bright colour combinations in a pack of twelve. Cacti drop and stud earrings are proving to be big hits. Enamelled drops are fun and vibrant and we have stud earrings ranging from classic green and gold through petit crystal embellished cacti in yellow, rose gold or silver effect and arty matt metal styles.

We have not one but two cacti wallets; choose between the quirky cartoon zip edition and classy embroidered green leather-effect version. Clutch pin brooches in the ‘cruise’ assortment, feature this potted plant favourite.There is also cactus themed stationery, look no further than our super stickers and printed notebook for two great ideas.

Find these desert heroes in our Mexicana collection along with other great Mexican themes. Stunning hand-painted day of the dead jewellery as rings, stud and drop earrings, clutch pins and key-rings take centre stage. Their stunning colours mirrored in those of tropical parrots, fish and turtle accessories.

Brilliant beaded styles also dazzle in a wonderful array of clever designs and vibrant hues.Fabulous fringed collar necklaces come in six amazing colour combinations. flowers are in abundance as bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. Birds, butterflies and blooms are also much in evidence and tropical silk flower hair-wear adds to the festive feel.

Whether its desert style cacti, fiesta time flowers, sugar skull or edible themed avocado – ‘Mexicana’ will transport you.

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