Children are often forgotten when building a product range of accessory items, but it makes sense to include a selection of goods catering for the junior market. Design for the young has been transformed in recent years with wit and colour used to create exciting styles. Interesting and quirky jewellery and accessories are far removed from the stereotypical children’s fashions of old. Joe Cool has a delightful selection of fresh, fun designs for kids. Socks, gloves and mitts, and a variety of jewellery items for children sit comfortably with adult selections, slipping easily into popular themes like animals, nature and food. Fruity socks are a combination of attractive colour and print; cherries on bright pink, bananas yellow against grey, watermelon contrasting with dark blue and deep fuchsia strawberries. The story continues with a ‘tutti frutti’ bracelet – a joyous, colourful bonanza of fimo fruit beads on stretch which will be the envy of all those still ‘young at heart’. Jolly cotton strawberry hair elastic and cherry pompom for all ages are the ‘cherry on the top’.

Children are often fascinated with the natural world and drawn to wildlife and animals. Our new squirrel socks for kids in green and red are proving a big hit. White rabbits are causing a stir, a classic bunny in a range of beautiful bright colours. More vivid hues are to be found in fabulous smarty jewellery, rainbow pencil and wrapped sweetie hair barrettes for all ages. How about a touch of sparkle with kids ‘ali’ bangles or sparkly enamel and crystal adjustable rings.

As we move in to the colder months, it’s good to stock up on those essential winter warmers. Cosy children’s mitts feature adorable animal faces. A friendly reindeer with cute bobble nose and thick furry cuff comes in six colour-ways for boys and girls and for the tots, a sweet fox face with useful ‘safety’ strig. In addition, we have a selection of fun faces and fingers in a good variety of age sizes.

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