Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Bespin, Camelot, Eldorado; everyone has their own city of dreams.  The allure of the metropolis – culture, fashion, music; excitement – is timeless, and throughout our latest range you will find items that celebrate the multifaceted charm of the city. Your first destination should be our Cruise collection; here is the city itself, in vibrant and tactile enamel pendants and earrings. But the essence of the city is not to stay in one place, and you will find fresh ideas everywhere from the nocturnal playground in Sock Sensation to the airport of Quirky Works. So explore at your leisure; this is a city with all of the allure but none of the perils of the real thing!

But of course, cities don’t spring fully formed from nothing, and those with an interest in the nuts and bolts of modern urban life will find some constructive ideas in our Technopolis collection, from the tools of the trade to the clocks to ensure it all happens on time.

In 2017 it’s easy to see the metropolis as a source of dystopian misery; overcrowding, poverty, urban decay, but our city of the imagination can take any shape you want. It may be the gleaming, almost abstract skyscrapers of Tokyo, Shanghai or Chicago, whose inhabitants, and their modes of transport, can also be found in Quirky Works. While browsing that collection though, you will also find that the city need not be the urban sprawl, but can be the fairytale towers of your childhood dreams.





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