Easter is fast approaching and with it all the positive associations of Spring. The Easter bunny, long a folkloric symbol of the holiday, traditionally brought eggs, nowadays mostly chocolate ones. For a calorie free and more functional alternative gift idea, we have bunnies galore in various forms. Socks are probably the most popular product at the moment and we have a choice of styles for adults and children. For kids there is a choice of four cheerful colours; bright pink, blue, red and yellow featuring a cute white rabbit with pale pink ears. The same design is available for adults in pink and blue and also a more natural dark green. ‘Rabbit hutch’ has a design of grey bunnies on pink with bright orange carrots.

Quirkier rabbit socks include the arty ‘Sunshine bunny’ – a bold white rabbit character with vibrant pink ear and beady black eye. ‘Bunny love’ and ‘Little bunny’ have jolly cartoon style designs.

Easter eggs sometimes come as a traditional cardboard gift box and what better item to put within than a fun, Easter themed jewellery item. Textile brooches are a delightful offering with padded rabbits in felt and corduroy or brightly coloured plaids. A large velveteen patch brooch sports a crystal bead eye and embroidered detail. For a different look, there are acrylic silhouette brooches in classic black or vivid brights.

A vintage vibe is hinted at in enamel items like ‘rabbit’ and ‘rabbit and carrot’ stud earrings. ‘Happy house and Rebecca rabbit’ is an unusual twin pin brooch. There are colourful wooden earrings and pendants with a twist and stylish matt gold and silver metal ‘origami’ necklaces.

The rabbits don’t stop there…how about cotton kerchiefs in pink, blue or beige or a cool pendant with an interesting bunch of enamel charms… and so much more!

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