Spring is here with its associated delights, and like the Easter Bunny distributing chocolate eggs, Joe Cool brings you an offer that we like to think is just as tempting. We would like you to treat your customers to our cute  and colourful socks. To sweeten the deal, we are inviting you to buy 36 packs of any of the socks we currently have in stock and get 20% off the price!* 36 packs may sound like a lot (216 pairs) to those of you who haven’t yet experienced our sock sales phenomenon, but there’s method to our Spring madness: we are keen that you to explore the range and get the most out of our wide variety of fabulous footwear.

You can of course choose whatever socks you like, but this offer is designed ideally to allow you 36 different styles, enough to test, mix, match and make offers of your own. When retailing ourselves we find that socks sell even better in sets than individual pairs ( for example: four pairs for £10 ), here is an ideal opportunity to test that theory!

We are sure that once you begin to browse, 36 packs will not seem very many. Our range continues to grow and flourish with the success of this product and we are confident that we now have socks to fit every taste, from casual to classy, from animals to art, from classic to crazy, snuggly to sheer; a cornucopia of interesting and colourful designs for every occasion!

And it couldn’t be simpler – just choose your socks and enter the code SOCK20 at checkout to redeem the offer.


*The terms are pretty straightforward so no need for small print:

The offer covers all socks in stock until the end of April 2018.

There is some variation in price, but typically there’s a saving of £67.39 per order for the majority of our most popular styles.


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