Frida Kahlo must today be one of the most popular artists of the past century. Her image in self-portraits and pastiches can be see all over the world, sometimes in the most surprising of places. The Mexican artist is known, in addition to her renowned art, for her taste in flamboyant head-wear, jewellery and traditional colourful costumes. Famous pictures show Frida wearing bands of flowers on her hair, dramatic collar necklaces and large beaded or fringed earrings. We have taken inspiration from her  with our vibrant red-rose hair-band and single rose which doubles as hair-clip and brooch, find them in the Bloom collection. More exotic floral hair-wear is in the Mexicana range with Hibiscus and Orchid silk blooms to clip into the hair and a cluster of tropical orchids on a wooden hair-pin.

Further inspiration comes from Frida with our varied range of beaded  jewellery. We have statement collar necklaces in glorious colour combinations and a stylish floral cuff. The loop collar necklace is its own mini masterpiece in graduated loops of colour. For more delicate tastes there are charming trailing flower necklaces and drop earrings which team beautifully with charming flower stud earrings.

Rings such as ‘riotous fiesta twist’ have echoes Frida Kahlo’s embroidered outfits as do the exotic rich stitch bangle in four stunning colourways. Earrings are bold and satin fringed, vivid feathers and shiny glass amulet designs.

Those who want to enjoy her image in a more direct way? We have the t-shirt! Long or short sleeve, this quality cotton t-shirt shows that most iconic of faces.

For more inspiration, head along to the V&A in London to see the amazing exhibition ‘Making Her Self Up’, which celebrates the style of this amazing woman. Thank you Frida Kahlo.

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