Flowers are more muted in the lazy balmy days of late summer. Echoes of the soft hues and delicate tones of this time of the year are to be found in chiffon floral accessories, delicately sprigged socks and dusky corsages which double as brooches. With a distinctly vintage vibe, these patterns and textures work wonderfully with the pretty flowery frocks and smocks that are so popular in these warmer months.

Textiles continue with moody mauve, pink, sea-green and lilac fabric combined with tiny dried flowers to make charming little floral bouquet brooches. Velvet brooches are embellished with delightful embroidered blooms and seed beads are sewn on to cotton making a folk style tree design to wear on a dress or lapel. These delights and so much more in a similar genre, can be found in the Bloom collection.

Flowers feature on floaty scarves like ‘botanical garden’; the yellow version of which flows from our basket of bounty above. These scarves are also available in mossy green and china blue. The beautifully rendered images are at once ‘old-fashioned’ and of the moment. Lazy days are captured in the hazy blooms of ‘ink flower’, ‘soft water colour’ and blousy ‘rose bloom’ scarves.

More ‘antique’ style floral designs adorn ‘flora botanica’ compact mirrors with an assortment of six gorgeous prints. Resin pressed flower brooches, earrings and rings evoke older and easier times past, where life moved at a slower pace. A small series of four cats are created in a similar fashion with tiny flowers embedded in the feline forms, making the sweetest of brooches. One of our most popular styles is a large acrylic flower with three attractive rose and chrysanthemum prints, again with that fabulous vintage feel.

The Botanica collection is host to many vintage style wallets; ‘Arts and crafts relief floral’ has a William Morris type design in two colour options. Edelweiss flowers are embroidered on lovely pastel folding wallets, glorious flowers ramble over a dark or pale backdrop on ‘meadow flower’ and ‘moody floral’ has an soft impressionist feel.

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