Glass rings

Glass rings at Joe Cool come in a glorious range of colours and styles. Over the past few years, we have built a large and exciting collection of this beautiful, timeless accessory. Each individual piece is skilfully handmade by turning and stretching glass over an intense heat, sometimes with the addition of pigment, metal powder or a fragment of millefiori, which melts into the body of the ring creating rich depth and intense colour.

Blue is a universally and perennially loved colour and it translates particularly well into glass. Such is the popularity of this hue, we have two blue specific glass ring selections; ‘lagoon blue’ and ‘deep ocean colour’, stunning glass rings that evoke sunny sand fringed seas and mysterious depths. In addition we have the original ‘blue unique’ glass rings – an assortment of 30 distinctly different ‘blue’ styles.

‘Mirror line’ is a softly domed ring in moody dark tones with a single band of colour within. These glass rings emit a subtle sparkle due to the metallic pigments within. ‘Metallic swirl’ has a similar richness in warm honey gold, black and silvery white shades, and glass lined ‘Domed gold and silver’ comes in tantalizing lustre colours of red, blue, amber and grey.

Brighter colours emerge in ‘millefiori’ where the lovely abstract patterns of stretched ‘flowers’ seem to flow through the glass. ‘Lustre finish domed flower’ similarly appears to hold an elusive bloom within its shiny hard exterior whereas ‘high spot’ is a denser block of spotted colour in vibrant red, blue, green and classic black and white.

The Gallery collection, where all the above can be found, is also home to the other nine glass ring selections; unique 30 piece assortments in yellows, greens, reds, oranges,purples, turquoise, black and white and assorted colours. All come in assorted sizes.

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