new angles on fashion

New angles on fashion jewellery – this barely describes some of the amazing and unusual geometric metal jewellery in the Fine line collection. Intruiging cubes and rhomboids are cleverly designed in shiny silver and gold square section metal. Illusory optical effects are created by layering and offsetting squares and cubes – making striking but emminently wearable earrings and finger rings. See stacking square rings in rose gold, yellow gold and silver, cube stud earrings that appear to float over your earlobe and squares that balance elegantly on the finger.

More new angles on fashion are evident in the more complex geometric forms of  the ‘box angle ring’ and ‘geo cage’ drop earring. These multi-angle pieces which are  reminiscent of Anish Kapoor’s ‘Orbit’ sculpture for the London Olympics in 2012, are mini artworks in themselves. Find other classic geometric shapes in the simply but unusually constructed big square, triangle and circle earrings, or geometric tail –  neither stud nor drop but something in between.

Other new angles on fashion jewellery and surprises can be found, Joe Cool Originals collection. Look out for quirky bestseller  ‘Rubix cube’ earrings and pendant (complete with working parts). The dice selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are pleasingly familiar yet fresh and contemporary looking. In the same collection is our cute little lego stud, an assortment of actual size  ‘single plate’ lego squares in seven cheerful colours.



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