Our new socks are in stock now!

We have some fabulous additions to our Foot Fantastic sock collection, this years hottest new product line. Wonderful dinosaurs in an assortment of three colours will satisfy those customers looking for the latest on trend design. Cosmic is an amazing space scene featuring planets, astronauts and strange comets or come down to earth with the lovely Cityscape socks in dusk or midnight. For the more adventurous we have dramatic new socks featuring super heroes Batman, Spiderman and Huntress or the delightful bright Paws sock, in a pack of those perennial favourites – cats and pandas.

Looking ahead its worth getting prepared for Halloween. We have in stock now new socks featuring pumpkins, bats and spooky ghosts or check out Scary Monsters and Heel Monster for a different take on this increasingly important retail opportunity. All at decidely un-scary prices in our usual good quality high cotton lycra mix.

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