Red poppies, usually a paper version, are traditionally worn or displayed as a symbol of remembrance and respect for those who lost their lives in the First world War, and also now exhibited as an emblem of hope. This year, Remembrance Sunday falls on the 13th of November. For an alternative way of marking the occasion, we have a variety of tasteful products featuring red poppies in a number of guises. A classic sock in black features a vibrant group of red poppies which will look stylish emerging from the shoe-line. A more naturalistic poppy is scattered over a pastel green background creating as lively, attractive design.

Scarves come adorned with big blousy ‘watercolour’ poppies in arty Chartreuse, grey or white and are a popular accessory item the whole year round. Another scarf features large blooms in a striking and elegant design. There are three bold colour ways to choose from; bright blue radiates positivity, soft grey is calm combined with the vibrant flowers and black and red is always a winning combination.

Kerchiefs are a relatively new addition to the Joe Cool collection; a versatile accessory in 100% cotton. In addition to the variety of patterns and styles, we have two bright poppy versions, one red, white and green on black and the other in more summery shades. A more abstract poppy design is yet another take on the theme with ‘watercolour bloom’ displaying subtle soft shades of smoky blue and deep red.

Fill out your selection with red roses; rings in chunky acrylic or dramatic satin, stud and drop earrings, stunning brooches and a red rose kerchief. Top things off with a delightful Monarch butterfly brooch for an eye catching collection which will endure long beyond the special day. Pile on the poppies and make memorable display.

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