Skulls, spiders, witches, ghouls and pumpkins are all popular Halloween fare and we have some of the most stylish styles around. Hand-carved bone skull rings are wonderfully detailed, their natural beauty and features will be enhanced by wear over the years. More sophisticated than scary are also crystal bead bracelets and necklaces featuring this most iconic symbol of human mortality. Carved glass skull forms are combined with moody shimmering nuggets, silvery globule beads and fine ball chain to make an elegant necklace or on stretch as a versatile bracelet. Colourful crystal bejewelled rings and stud earrings tap into the current trend for sparkly beaded ornamentation and embellishment. Elaborate beaded drop earrings also sit nicely with this flamboyant fashion. Large acrylic skull rings with mirror features are arty and fun in a choice of cool colours. Halloween is a great excuse to experiment with these enjoyable accessories but by no means should be their limit – these jewellery items have chic cache whatever the season.

Spiders creep in as wonderful sparkly pin brooches, rings, pendants, bracelets and, one of our best selling products ever, crystal spider earrings. With a choice of classic crystal and silver metal or rich jewel colours on black enamelled metal, spiders have never looked so lovely! Earrings come supplied on an appropriate ‘web’ card or POS display. Even the most arachnophobic among us can’t resist these charming interpretations of the infamous creepy crawly.

Naturally, we have suitably themed Halloween socks with ghost emoji, Frankenstein’s monster, skull, day of dead and pumpkin designs all brightly competing for attention. Speaking of pumpkins, for those more averse to the ‘spooky look’, we offer a small selection of cheery orange pumpkin jewellery; a necklace in hand-painted wood, drop and stud earrings and a pin brooch. A black acrylic cat brooch and small stud earring assortment completes the Halloween story.

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