sparkling crystal cocktail rings

Sparkling crystal cocktail rings, dazzling crystal bracelets and twinkling earrings will light up the Christmas season. We have an extensive range of diamante and cubic zirconium jewellery. Breathtakingly huge cocktail rings come studded with white and black crystals like the fabulous rose ring featured. A massive ‘faux’ faceted crystal, also featured above, is offered in gorgeous hues of aurora borealis. Sherry, moonstone, ice and slate tones radiate froom this ‘knuckle duster’ of a ring. More flash for less cash can also be found in the Costume Drama range. For a bit of colour we have sparkling crystal cocktail rings in rainbow colours. Choose a sensational peacock ring in a choice of gold or silver finish metal or the incredible multicoloured pearl and crystal 40mm ball ring. A slightly smaller and more contemporary, though no less striking, is the two-tone multi-crystalled flower ring. For dramatic impact with an oriental twist, go for the golden dragon with piercing red crystal eyes and a white pearl held between its teeth!

Sparkling crystal cocktail rings with a more demure feel are available for those who prefer their ‘bling’ a little more on the subtle side. The beautiful simple ring featured in its black velvet box, consists of a band of baguette cut cubic zirconia set in quality rhodium plated metal. Other stunning little sparklers come as graduated stones, tear-drops, circle forms and oval drop cubic earrings. All are top quality production and supplied in black gift boxes.

More crystal can be found in our Sparkle collection. From dainty flowers, birthstone earrings, bows and hearts to crystal embedded skulls, colourful spiders and peace signs – the collection is varied and eclectic! The cubic zirconium ‘explosion’ drop earring is a real jem, it comes in a pack of six in an assortment of black and clear. Pastel twinklers are available as pretty little studs, combined with velvet as bracelets and necklaces and as delicate bunches in a natural form earring selection. Shamballa style multi-crystalled jewellery has been a year round success story. There is a large range including small, medium and large studs in clear or coloured crystal, single ball rings and classic drop earrings. Complete the selection with a necklace, we have either a single ball or teardrop to choose between. The teardrop earring is another classic style and finally, a single band ring will round things off. We began with sparkling crystal cocktail rings and have ended with a simple crystal band. With this diversity to consider, one way or another, you can be sure of a dazzling season. Bling it on!

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