Sustainable is a word that is not often associated with fashion but is a quality that is becoming increasingly important to designers of clothes and accessories. Ethical and ecological too, are words that are more frequently to be found in the vocabulary of current attire trends. Bamboo is a material whose credentials embrace all three of these important ideals. It that has been embraced by both mainstream and high-end fashion oeuvres. Whilst the green credentials of some bamboo textile production are sometimes questionable, the same cannot be said for simply made, hand-crafted jewellery and accessories. Our bamboo jewellery is both sustainable and attractive. Multi-strand bracelet and necklace designs are elegant and come in three combinations of natural colours and are produced simply using age old methods.

Simple bangles made from a single cane of bamboo make an attractive addition to a collection. Ours come delicately painted with a subtle floral pattern. Cross-sections of bamboo can be inlayed in recycled resin in various colours to create fun effects or in black combined with other materials such as shell, for a chic end result. More variety is created using small slices of cane…a beaded bracelet with inlaid medallion has a contemporary look along with large rectangular rings with a similar inlay. The diverse possibilities seem endless with the very simple old decorative technique of burning pattern into bamboo being used to great effect on a collection of hoop earrings. There is the added bonus of a striking display stand also in bamboo. All elements are made in a low-tech, hand-crafted tradition with minimal processing.

One of the more recent additions to the Joe Cool collection is fans; hand-made made from bamboo and cotton, they have been welcomed by customers as an item which helps deal with the recent soaring summer temperatures. In a range of beautiful art designs, they are decorative as well as being made from sustainable materials and presenting an ecological and transportable ‘cooling system’!

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