tasty jewellery

Tasty jewellery and accessories will feed the soul and bolster the spirits. Enjoy our fun foodie Cafe Cool collection of inedible consumables! From fast food to fresh fruit, all tastes are catered for and for once, no-one has to think about their calorie consumption. We have cute ‘fast food’ stud earrings – an assortment of hotdogs and burgers, and iced doughnut ‘less one bite’ drop earrings and keyrings for those wishing to painlessly indulge. Cakes are in abundance with sweet cake-slice drop or stud earrings and assorted luxury cup-cake keyrings. More tasty jewellery comes as ice-cream cones or ice-lollies (also less one bite!) in earring, ring, hairclip and necklace form.

Our fabulous best selling liquorice allsort selection strikes a balance between arty and quirky. Almost too convincing, the allsorts are available as necklace, bracelet and earrings and there is a scaled down version too which, in addition, comes as stud and cluster drop earring. This tasty jewellery is both striking and amusing, making a great conversation piece – something to chew over.

For the dedicated foodie, we also have food themed socks. The sushi sock is a cool new addition but for those with ‘simpler’ tastes, we have inevitably, the main chain favourites; burgers, pizza and donuts!

If this is all way too unhealthy for you, fear not, fresh fruit and veg. is also available. Our fruity socks team nicely with ‘tutti frutti’ stud earrings and ‘half peeled banana’ drops and studs.

You can make a statement with a watermelon coin purse or silicon zip banana. Cherries are always popular and our cherry barrette is no exception, topped with pretty checked, striped or polka bow.

On the savoury side we have, not so much ‘tasty jewellery’ as hot jewellery with our all time classic chilli collection. The core selection of necklace, earringss, ring and bracelet are now joined by the brilliant chilli pen in ‘garden allotment’ – an assortment of three quirky vegetables.

Finally, what could be more fun than our hair-elastics featuring strawberries, pompom cherries and carrots, you saw it here first!


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