Once upon a time, Joe Cool produced a range of cute and charming fairytale themed jewellery and accessories – and that time is now! The news in the real world may be grim, but a realm of fantasy and wonder awaits with these magical items! In every corner of the Joe Cool kingdom you will find something to enchant and delight. In Star Struck, take a flight of fancy with the winged horse, Pegasus in the form of beautifully detailed enamel pendants, rings and earrings. The elusive unicorn can be found frolicking here too, along with all things glittery and even crowns fit for any Princess (or at least her finger)!

While wandering in fairyland be sure to explore Flora and Fauna where you’ll find a fantastical charm to treasure in the form of our delightfully modelled terrarium necklace, as well as the mystical Tree of Life, while in Quirky Works, there are evocative ornate castles, imposing towers and even, (for lovers of Game of Thrones perhaps) earrings in the shape of dragon wings!

More mythical beasts await in All Creatures, but if you want to venture forth in something slightly warmer than jewellery, Sock Sensation should be your destination for more charming companions, while Magic Millinery features dazzling scarves in vivid velvet, a feast for the eyes and skin. In fact, just about everything you need for a foray into the realms of  faerie – except for a glass slipper. Maybe next time!

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