Wood is given a new lease of life with our small but succinct range of wooden jewellery. Modern designs are clean, fresh and sharp and anything but ‘wooden’. The beauty of this natural material is brought out with great simplicity in clean single studs which use a variety of different trees to create variety. The diverse colours and hues from the forest are emphasised in inlaid ‘deco’ style earrings. These can be effectively teamed with a selection of six striking hairpins are elegant hair-pieces.

The fabulous ‘fantasy landscape’ ring is another stunning new idea.  A jewellery item which combines contemporary acrylic and this most traditional of materials to make an artistic and unusual finger ring. Also pretty arty are the gorgeous hand marbled bangles, available as ‘slim’ or dynamic wide cuff sizes these can be found alongside marbled hairpins in our Pacific collection.

One of the earliest Joe Cool lines and still going strong today, is our famous painted parrot earring. These endlessly popular decorated wooden delights can be located in Mexicana. The same collection plays host to a couple of other painted classics –  a colourful array of ‘day-of-the-dead’ earrings are available as drops or studs.

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