Will humankind ever be replaced by robots? Artificial humans in cinema and even in the news grow ever more sinister and lifelike, but Joe Cool celebrates the lighter side of our mechanical helpers with a range of cute and stylish retro-futuristic jewellery and accessories that celebrate the excitement and optimism of the 1950s space age.

Sidestep the philosophical and ethical questions about cybernetics and head over to Quirky Works to find friendly, fun jewellery in shiny enamel and polished acrylic that looks back to the golden age of Robbie the Robot and collectable Japanese tin toys.

It’s no surprise to find that our android allies have found their way into the Technopolis collection too, and here you will find a dazzling array of robots from cute and clunky earrings and pendants to smooth and sparkle-studded classics of nostalgic, colourful sci-fi design, guaranteed to catch your customer’s eye.

But Joe Cool is never solely about jewellery; as well as robots to adorn your ears, neck and wrists, we have some with actual practical – if not mechanical – applications. back in Quirky Works you will find our appealingly tactile keyrings, while (arguably quirkier still) Sock Sensation houses our best-selling robot socks. A taste of the future perhaps – robots for all occasions!


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