Birthstone earrings now come on individual cards, each design with its own unique astrological star configuration. This is transforming our customers sales. As well as the presentation being more attractive than the older style POS acrylic display, it is now possible to re-order specific birthstone earrings as sales determine. There are two styles available; the classic stud and a delicate flower design, both made in sterling silver with beautiful Swarovski crystal facet ‘gemstones’.

Display with other astrological products to make a striking impact. A long scarf features shiny, metallic stars on a navy ground or choose the big silk square with classic night sky map design. Constellation socks will also make an impression and are popular with both women and men of all ages. They are a way of introducing one of our bestselling products to your range if you haven’t already embraced the sock side of business.

Stylish and quirky jewellery adds some more glamour and interest to the story with delicate constellation stud earrings in gold metal with enamel and crystal or pretty planet earrings in ethereal blue. Tiny crescent moon and star studs are exquisite with their petit crystal detail.

Shallow glass domes reveal enticing astral worlds in the wonderful Universe collection of jewellery designs. Whilst not birthstone themed exactly, they will add an element of depth and mystery to your selection. Brooches, pendants, drop and stud earrings and a keyring from this range in a wide variety of interesting outer-space scapes!

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