cat crazy

Cat crazy – that’s what we are right now with fabulous feline accessories for all occasions! Our model, Malcolm the moggie, is also clearly enjoying the range. ‘Dream cats’, featured here in mint, is one of our bestselling socks ever. It comes in four colours and is part of the core Foot Fantastic collection. ‘Cats and spots’ and ‘Cats and stripes’ are two other popular cat socks from the collection. More recent moggie themed sock additions include ‘Toe cat’, ‘Paws’ and one of the trio from ‘Storytime’.

In All Creatures you will find some interesting feline jewellery. Choose from stud and drop earrings, tartan brooches, fabric keyrings and silhouette pin brooch. Hot animal fashion accessory of the year is our printed shoulder bag and coin purse. All featuring an expressive visage to amuse or impress – Malcolm the moggie has clearly met some loveable new chums!

Other items of interest include ‘Front and back’ animals – our unusual earrings which appear on either side of the ear, the cute tartan kitten brooch and tiny little mother-of-pearl animal stud earrings. Each assortment includes a very different version of this most popular of pets.

Prefer dogs? We have plenty of them too. From Scottie dog scarf and  pink poodle brooch to enamel stud earrings…Its enough to make you barking mad.

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