Socks for Christmas? Christmas socks? Joe Cool Christmas socks give this all time favourite gift a completely new meaning. Following the blow-away success of last year’s seasonal socks, we are offering a great selection of socks for Christmas as an easy to manage package. 12 pairs each of 10 terrific designs are supplied together with a free counter top display. These have a wholesale cost of £187.20, with a retail sale value of £570.00. The designs in the collection include our familiar fun festive friends – Santa, Rudolph and two smiling snowmen. Also in the range are more discreet styles. Snowboarding penguins, snowflake santa scenes and a classic Scandinavian style design cater to a less extrovert end user!

Socks for Christmas doesn’t have to mean ‘Christmas socks’ of course! We have many other wonderful designs to choose from. Pull together a range or themed selection to create an eye-catching display. For an easy option choose the display included package. Our competative prices mean you can experiment with tempting pricing offers. Try 4 pairs for a ‘tenner’ – a strategy proving very successful in our own retail outlet or choose your own ‘bogof’ offers! Our Foot Fantastic collection shows all the socks currently on offer. It’s well worth keeping an eye on  as we regularily introduce new styles and designs. The latest new arrivals were recently featured in a newsletter. Check back on the website for a reminder or newest lines.

Currently topping our ‘Top of the Socks’ chart is the marvellous ‘Masterpiece’ sock assortment. For the art lovers and arty fashionistas, this little collection has all the most famous artworks woven into little mini masterpieces for the feet! Choose from Leonardo’s ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘The Scream’ by Munch, Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ or everyones favourite, Van Gogh. In at number 2 is the magical ‘Fairytale creatures’ and in 3rd place, the dreamy ‘Dream cat’ sock. Watch this space as other new movers and shakers jostle to get to the top! Socks for Christmas? Step right up!

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