Winter is coming – all the more reason to indulge in the hand-painted warmth and tactile textures of our colourful wooden jewellery collection. Bring a touch of colour to the darker autumn days (and your window displays!) with a rainbow of beautifully hand-painted necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Wood has never been a more important or fashionable material and our classic range of wooden jewellery has a vibrant, colourful and timeless appeal. Whether your focus is ethnic elegance, daringly bold statement pieces or pure fun, you will find something in our competitively priced collection of bright beads, bulky bangles and petite parrots to suit your taste.

Bright and colourful wooden jewellery has always been a perennial favourite with Joe Cool, and examples can be found across most of our extensive collections, from the painted wooden beads and bangles of the Timeless Classic range to the vivid Day of the Dead pieces in our popular Authentic Ethnic collection.

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