compact mirrors

Compact mirrors have been one of the great success stories of the season and they look set to continue as one of the year’s hottest products. We have a large range to choose from. The Flora and Fauna is home to some of our most popular and timeless compact mirrors. ‘Peacocks and Parrots’ is a wonderful assortment of six beautifully coloured classical bird images. The Pearl Peacock is four different images featuring this most glamorous bird. More wings can be found in the form of the glass butterfly selection. This is a charming compact mirror with three distinct designs.

In the same collection can be found the Tree of Life compact mirror, a matching pill box is also on offer. Complete the theme with Tree of Life jewellery. We have two different drop earrings, a ring and an elegant pendant.

In Flower Festival  find a slightly different type of butterfly compact mirror. The Bright butterfly assortment is an assortment of six, each  with a stunning holgraphic effect case featuring dazzling, fluttering images. Also in the collection is Flora Botanica, elegant botanical floral images including Anenome flowers, Wild roses and Peonies. More roses with a bit of a vintage feel are available in the form of our heart shaped floral compacts. These come in a pack of twelve in four assorted designs and boast a convenient magnetic catch.

Finally if you are looking for something more quirky we have a jolly group of owls. These four cheery characters will bring a smile…they are one of two compact mirror assortments in Quirky Works. The other one is the crazy but cool CutieFrutti, a set of six smiling fruit-faces. We can’t end the story without mentioning the Geisha compact mirror…going full circle you will find this lovely selection in Flora and Fauna where we kicked off.


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