The fashionable beasts are dinosaurs, monsters and a range of creatures from creepy to cute. Where to find them is right here! Intrepid explorers of the Joe Cool website are likely to stumble upon a lost world where prehistory meets myth, but don’t be alarmed, even our most menacing beasts don’t bite. Indeed, rather than devouring the unwary, this range of fashion jewellery and accessories including socks, earrings, brooches and more, brings a touch of its own animal magic to your look! If prehistoric beasts are your thing, Sock Sensation is where to begin, with the Stegosaurus, Woolly Mammoth and of course the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex as the stars of a range of fun footwear in an array of eye-catching colours. Bridging the gap between prehistory and the present are the dinosaurs’ disquieting contemporaries, the snake and crocodile.

Our paradoxically dainty Diplodocus earrings meanwhile, have lumbered into All Creatures where they can be found alongside less primordial beasts such as our loveable tropical creature brooches in soft and furry felt. Back in Sock Sensation meanwhile, the exotic meets the fantastic, with zebra stripes, pretty pandas and mysterious monsters round every corner.

If the fierce face isn’t reminder enough, Halloween is looming on the horizon and of course Joe Cool has fashionable beasts to strike fear into the feet of the faint of heart, with cantankerous creatures galore, from our own unique heel monsters to those vintage classics, Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster. In the end though, all of our beasts, socks, jewellery and accessories alike, are benign at heart and desire nothing more than to bring some fun into the world of fashion!

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