Gloves and mitts come in to their own in the winter months. They offer a great opportunity to boost those spontaneous, last minute sales. Our gloves and mitts are lively designs and good fashion fun but also very practical. Furry cuffs, fleece linings and touch- screen sensitive fingertips combine with quirky design details and a competitive price to make the ideal winter product.

Delightful animal styles include the furriest ‘peekaboo’ face, a fluffy bunny-face detail and the ever popular ‘bear cuff’. All three come in assorted packs of six lovely soft colours. ‘Scandi deer’ features the classic more traditional ‘Nordic’ knit design.

For more fabulous finger options why not try some of the pretty ‘vintage’ designs. ‘Vintage floral’ is a gorgeous glove in six subtle shades with a delightful floral sprig pattern woven into the knit. ‘Graduated bow’ has an unusual ‘ombre’ type effect with a cute bow detail, and ‘pompom bow’ similarly has a charming cuff detail. Our adult mitten is a wonderful fusion of fur, cable-kit and tiny pearls with a nod to childhood ‘no-lose’ string. All these beauties go to show that gloves and mitts can be a serious business!

For children, there are cheery colourful striped gloves complete with snowflakes in infant and junior sizes, and bright stripes for the 3-5 age group. Other styles include the adorable ‘meow’ glove ( no description needed!) and who could resist bobble finger for ages 3 – 8 years; a glove with a integral little bobble hatted finger puppet. The other offerings for kids are mittens, often preferred for their convenience. Funny bunny and Cute fox come as an assortment of attractive colours with interesting ‘bits’. All the mittens also come with the essential ‘no lose string’. Get those gloves and mitts in now for the cold days ahead!

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