Japanese design with its elegant simplicity and unique style has long been admired and imitated all over the world. Indigo design has been around in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868) when the ‘lower classes’ were banned from wearing silk and bright colours. With cotton as the only remaining option, indigo dying, known as aizome, made a natural and stylish pairing. Created using the plant Japanese Indigo, also known as Dyer’s Knotweed, it remains as popular today as it did all those years ago. Long time fans of the Japanese aesthetic and influence, we are delighted to introduce our small collection of Indigo blue socks. They are based on traditional geometric designs and look as fresh and contemporary as ever. Blue remains one of the most popular colours in fashion and these versatile sock designs look set to become a Joe Cool best seller. They are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Picking up on the theme, we have a Japanese wave scarf which is available in shades of blue and a dusky pink. Bamboo design, ‘sumi-e’ (meaning ink picture) print, features on another scarf in a choice of four hues. Both can be found in the Hana no Hana (loosely translated as flower of flowers) collection. The same collection boasts wonderful ombre paper quill circle and peacock design earrings with both styles containing the classic blue so synonymous with that fascinating country in addition to red, pink and black shades.

One of the most famous artworks featuring deep blue hues is ‘The Great Wave’ by the Japanese woodblock print master Hokusai. Our fan is made from bamboo and fabric and as well as being a cool accessory, makes an elegant artwork for walls and mantelpieces. Naturally we have a sock in both men and women’s sizes exhibiting the same iconic image. Inlay hairpins and rich indigo blue ceramic ‘Destiny’ bead jewellery are ideal companions to complete your Japanese indigo selection.

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