joe cool catalogue 2017

Joe Cool catalogue 2017 is out now! We are delighted to announce that our new Joe Cool catalogue is now ready. The postman is working round the clock and will be delivering it to you any day now. Within the pages you will find our best selection of fashion jewellery and accessories ever. The collections this year are diverse and interesting. ‘Fine line’ is a selection of  elegant and unusual designs in warm golds and shiny silver metals. All pieces in the collection are well constructed and beautifully finished. We hope you will appreciate their high quality and low price points.

The ‘Cruise’ collection will take your imagination on an exciting journey. Tropical design printed scarves, pineapples and cacti jewellery and pink flamingoes sit alongside colourful hair-ties, townscapes and ocean going parapernalia.

‘Star struck’ is an eclectic mix of twinkling constallations, universe jewellery, glitter domes and space invaders! The ‘Rainbow warrier’ collection contains brightly coloured accessories with exciting new items such as our pompom range in addition to some of the Joe Cool favourites.

This is just a small taste of some of the new collections in the Joe Cool catalogue 2017. In addition  you will find several of the most successful ranges expanded and refined to include new treasures and delights, there is so much more to be discovered. From ‘origami’ animal jewellery to  poetic butterflies, bees and flowers; artistic paper-cut scarves and friendly robots to classic sterling silver or crystal, stone and lace; this year’s Joe Cool catalogue of wholesale fashion jewellery and accessories has something for everyone.

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