masterpiece t-shirts and socks

Masterpiece t-shirts and socks will stun and inspire. Long-sleeved t-shirts in high quality cotton feature iconic paintings such as Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry Night’. The reproductions are printed front, back and on the sleeves. Other masterpiece classics showing another of the great painter’s favourite subject matter; almond blossoms and Japonisme cherry blossom are also available.

Our masterpiece sock collection has become a Joe Cool best-selling wholesale item and unlike the t-shirts, is not limited! In addition to the images mentioned above, these socks also feature Leonardo’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Munch’s ‘Scream’ and another classic image, ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt.

The sock range is constantly expanding. You can  find something to cater for every taste from fun robots, spacemen and dinosaurs to pretty floral designs such as daisies, roses and strawberries. Choose from  marvellous menagerie of animals of all descriptions. Our ever popular cats remain at the top of the animal hit parade –  friendly, funny felines in abundance!

Go crazier still with fairytale creatures,heel monster or ‘argh’ designs. And for the less adventures but equally eyecatching, beautifully coloured jacquard socks are available in an assortment of three colourways.




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