Panda products are an expanding category in the Joe Cool range with new designs being introduced as the popularity of this bear continues to grow. What is it about a panda that is so attractive? Is it the strikingly distinctive black and white contrasting facial features or just the gentle,peaceable personality of this bamboo munching mammal? Who knows, but there is much to like about our range of items. Socks in particular are creating a stir with a selection which includes full foot characters, friendly faces and tasteful tiny repeat patterns. All utilize the distinctively recognizable and much loved features of this famously shy creature. Check out the classy new members of the family: a full bodied ‘graphic’ panda is striking in black and white, while friendly faces make a great all-over pattern on others, another is livened up by the addition of red hearts.

Other sock designs in the same theme incorporate stripes and spots with fun faces and little panda motifs. Of course, a little bit of artistic license can be allowed for when depicting an animal so iconic!

Further additions range from simply cute to discreetly tasteful…

Pandas also make a great subject for accessories such as stud and drop earrings,necklace and key-rings. The choice available in our All Creatures collection will not disappoint or search on Panda to see the full extent on offer. Earrings include face drops and studs, ‘little kawaii’ and ‘hello panda’, with necklaces to match the latter two.

As well as this fun selection of caricature creatures, we have some slightly more serious enamel stud earrings. Two more realistic representations in beautiful enamel on a gold base make a classy addition to any panda collection. One, a tiny finely detailed stud, the other supplied on a board of twelve in an assortment with pretty green bamboo studs!

A fully loaded display of bamboo jewellery is available incorporating our unique ‘bamboo’ design card. Other items which will boost this burgeoning bundle of bear themed products cover purses, key-rings, rings and an unusual hand-carved wooden painted pen.

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