Science inspired jewellery mirrors the current heightened interest in science and research. We are living through unusual times and the quest to find answers to the biggest health challenge of many lifetimes has sparked a new awareness of our scientists and their endeavours. Sophisticated graphics and simulations of microbes and cells are put in front of us on a daily basis so perhaps it is no surprise that many of us are making a greater attempt to understand the hidden wonders and mystery of the natural world. Here at Joe Cool we have long appreciated the beauty of molecular structures, the DNA helix and natural geometric forms. Our science inspired jewellery offers a quiet celebration of the latest discoveries and innovations in scientific research. The moving lines collection is host to some wonderful designs which highlight the charm of simple molecular structures. Rings in silver and gold finish incorporate the serotonin molecule, and DNA double helix. Similarly, the DNA double helix makes a stunning hoop earring. A caffeine molecule forms the basis of a striking contemporary drop earring and the dopamine molecule, a stylish small semi-drop stud.

More irregular forms are embraced in the fluid shapes of a cell form earring and amoeba studs in shiny metal while the stunning ‘geoform crystal matrix’ pendant creates a cool, almost 3D effect in matt gold.

Science inspired jewellery of a more whimsical nature is evident in the ‘test tube people’ earring. This humourous drop epitomizes the quirkiness long associated with Joe Cool designs. What strange story is told by a miniature human constrained within a small glass vial? Googly eyes stud earrings in the same ‘Originals’ collection seem to invite the same question. More test tube fun is found in a little selection containing tiny nuggets of semi-precious stone and glittering minerals. Eight alluring colours are available as a pendant necklace or drop earring in assorted packs of 8.

Throughout the Joe Cool range, you can find a wide variety of products whose design is science inspired, nature inspired, technology inspired and travel inspired – all of which equate to ‘life inspired’ and we hope therefore, also life affirming. Whatever external factors surround us; push, pull and batter us, lets focus on the bigger pictures and smaller positives.

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