The ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ has well and truly arrived and what better way to embrace the autumn than with warm seasonal colours and the kind of rich and tactile textiles and fabrics that are at the heart of ‘fall fashion’? The hues of autumn may not be as bright as those of the summer, but they are no less vibrant and at Joe Cool we have an array of fashion jewellery and accessories; bags, purses, scarves, hats and gloves which celebrate the subtler tones of the autumn. Recuerdos should be your first stop for our ‘Salamanca’ range, with warm and welcoming textiles in the form of ear studs, coin purses, bags and more.

Still in Recuerdos, add a touch of brighter, but still harmonious colour with our new mandala necklaces and rings or  check out Rainbow Warrior for an even wider array of cosy and vibrant seasonal hues. Again, there’s plenty to choose from, from luxuriously embroidered bags, coin purses and wallets, to bronze rings and silk friendship bracelets, fall fashions for all occasions.

If your jewellery and accessories are warm, but your head and hands are chilly, we have you covered! Head over to Magic Millinery for hats, scarves and gloves in a rainbow of complementary autumn colours and get outside to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this most evocative and poetic of seasons!



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